Monday, March 5, 2012

Muppet Mondays: ALBERTO!

After about a weeks time, a sewing machine purchase, and lots-o-hot glue burns, I have built myself a Puppet!

His name is Alberto, he is an old ranch hand.

Here are some photos of the process.
I got some very helpful templates from the puppet
Cranial Foam.

Designed cut and sewed the little overally nuggets + Plaid T and stuffed them with a little stuffing to give him some extra dimension.
This is the puppet inside out. You can see the mouthplate construction here.
Styrofoam eyeballs wrapped with felt, a cotton-stuffed nose, and the wire & string beard rigging.
After hot gluing on all of the hair.
-Then you have yourself a puppet.


stephen said...

Yep. That's pretty cool. Yep.

I was wondering bout that beard. Good call building internal beard structure.

Dan Koskie said...

You're my hero.