Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Encyclopedia of Lesser-Known Creatures Vol. 1- Shpiegenpontis Mublinoid

The Shpiegenpontis Mublinoid, or the Whinoptislug, Is characterized by its rhino-like tusks, and monkeyish ear-balls. During mating season, the female Whinoptislug will often retch a viscous slime on the icy ground to use as a lubricant to glide effortlessly along expansive tracts of frozen land and water looking for a mate. The Whinoptislug's diet consists mainly of krill and shrimp larvae and have also been known to suckle the detritus from large boulders.

The Whinoptislug may look lethargic and passive, but when swimming, this creature is the epitome of grace and elegance:

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