Sunday, February 15, 2009

analyzing animal animation animatics of animism with animosity

any comments on how to improve this animatic would be really helpful! I need as many critiques as possible before I start animating. ANYTHING, be cruel, crass, crude, callous, cocky, coarse, cold, churlish, critical, cloven-foot, choosy, close-minded or coldblooded.
thanks, enjoy.


Keaton Tips said...

Marty, It's lookin' really good.

My only two suggestions is the following:

1. When the bird flies away there should be more of a reaction from the man. Maybe this means a different camera shot, but I think just him scratching his head or something.
Because the transition from the bird flying to the picture on the wall is a little sudden.

2. When the camera is zooming out from the pictures on the wall, there seems to be a jump cut.

Good luck.
I'm lookin' forward to seeing this animation.

marty said...

you're a legend keaton, thanks.